Testors 2538 Gloss Gray Paint Marker

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Product Overview

Testors Oil based paint markers are designed with the craft person in mind. They are used to decorate and personalize items around the home such as picture frames, candy jars, vases, candle holders and more. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor projects like birdhouses or mailboxes. Testors markers are used on wood, metal, glass, unglazed ceramic, PVC, Styrofoam and more. Testors markers are industrial strength as well and can be used by electricians, plumbers, auto mechanics and any other profession.

  • Easy to use with superb flow and excellent coverage
  • Special chisel tip for broad or narrow lines gives a rich gloss finish
  • Durable and permanent
  • Dries to the touch in 15-30 minutes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review