Kato 1066285 N P42 Amfleet Viewliner Phase VI 4-Car Set

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Product Overview

  • Modeling the shorter distance (and northeast corridor)
    Intercity passenger cars – the Amfleet II and Viewliner sleeper,
    respectively – these cars are decorated in Amtrak’s most current paint
    scheme: the Phase VI (also known as “IVb”), which marries modern
    aesthetic simplicity with the traditional Amtrak red, white, and blue
    stripes. Pairing modern sensibility with Kato’s proven track record of
    smooth rolling trucks and award winning performance locomotives, these
    sets are ideal for modern passenger modelers.

    This set is part of Kato’s “Starter Series” basic train line and
    contains a locomotive as well as three passenger cars in a single,
    attractive package.

    The locomotive in this set is a brand new release by
    Kato, the modified Amtrak Phase V (referred to as Vb to differentiate
    it), which is the most current version of this locomotive operating

    1 x GE P42 ‘Genesis’ Amtrak Phase V “Late” #150
    1 x Amfleet II Coach Amtrak Phase VI #25101
    1 x Amfleet II Coach Amtrak Phase VI #25035
    1 x Viewliner Sleeper Amtrak Phase VI #62004


(No reviews yet) Write a Review